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2016 Braun Symposium on Restorative Justice

The John Marshall Law Review is proud to be hosting, with The John Marshall Law School, the 2016 Braun Symposium on Restorative Justice.

The criminal justice system is constantly adapting to the ideologies and public policies of the society it serves. In the age of mass incarceration, our judicial system has become too focused on achieving retribution against offenders, rather than seeking better outcomes for offender and victim alike. Alternatively, restorative justice is a rapidly developing area of reform focused on reducing recidivism rates and mass incarceration by not only addressing, but rebuilding, the relationship between victim and offender.

The 23rd Annual Braun Symposium will focus on the practical applications of restorative justice in correctional facilities, the judicial system, and the communities most affected by criminal behavior. Attendees will hear presentations from numerous speakers, including the democratic candidate for Cook County State’s Attorney and a member of the Italian Parliament who has been fighting for reform in Rome, as we review the implementation and practical effects of restorative justice.
Attendance is free.  Attendees may register at the following location: